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I've failed ... over and over again ...

That's the message on my favorite poster. It's a Michael Jordan poster that has hung in the bathroom my sons shared when they lived here at the house. Although they have moved on, the poster remains. It always causes me to stop and remind myself that success requires the courage to fail.

When we think of success I dare say most of us don't think of it in the same breath as failure. But when we unpack success what do we find? While some people are just plain lucky and seem to succeed without any effort -- think winning the lottery -- most successful people have succeeded only after a string of failures.

The courage to fail means you are willing to show up for the game and do your best. You work at your game -- whatever that game may be -- risking failure in pursuit of success.

So next time fear of failure immobilizes you from taking that step forward to your achieve your dream, find the courage to fail. And eventually you will succeed.

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