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The work will teach you how to do it ...

Huh?? What’s “it?” Well, “it” is simply anything at all!

We can read all the self-help books published on a given subject. We can talk to others – coaches, mentors, consultants, friends. But unless we are willing to actually DO THE WORK we will never actualize our true potential. That’s not to say some of us aren't just plain lucky. But do you really want to entrust your life to a lottery system of long odds?

The stone with this proverb etched into it has stood at the door to my office for more years than I can remember. It's a reminder to me, and hopefully to all who enter my doors, that the essence of change is to show up and DO THE WORK.

You might ask, "what's the work?" And that's not a question easily answered because it's different for every one of us. That's the challenge we all face in our lives. What IS the work that we are called to do? Ultimately, I believe, it is the work that is an expression of our unique abilities, strengths, passions. Sometimes it is difficult to discern this by ourselves. It can be helpful to have a conversation with a trusted other who, by asking challenging questions, can push us to plumb our depths and discover our authentic selves.

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